Wrapping up 2020 – A message from LeapXpert



There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year that has been challenging for many. It forced us all to take a look at many things – especially the value of communication with each other. The need for human contact – personal, professional and with the businesses that serve us – has never been more important.  The use of Messaging applications as a way to communicate with customers has exploded. According to the 2021 State of IT report businesses are looking for unified, mobile, secure ways of communicating. 

At LeapXpert we worked hard with our customers to help them transition to this new way of working, with our Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform. We have enabled our customers to adapt to the new world of remote working and remote customer management during this year of lockdowns, social distancing and work from home.

2020 – a year of Growth

For us it has been a year of growth – albeit in extraordinary times – and our company and our product have developed exponentially. We also grew the number of enterprises who hold conversations with their clients over our FMOP.

The number of channels that we support increased – we added LINE and SMS in 2020.

The industry recognized our success with awards, including the Gold Award from the UK Department of Investment and Trade. Regulation Asia awarded us Highly Commended – Market Trading and Surveillance, building on our One to Watch win in 2019.

We had many highlights. Over the year we spoke to the industry and regulators, participated in virtual panels and conferences. Our staff grew to better enable our customers. We are supporting three of the world’s top ten global banks with our enterprise conversational solutions.

Throughout 2020 we have developed our product to include features that don’t just respond but anticipate our customers’ and the market’s needs. Customers can make use of ethical walls, prevent data leaks as well as deeply integrate into the overall organization fabric through sophisticated role based access control. They have the ability to share, monitor and audit even more kinds of rich media. Our improvements add more ways for our customers to service their clients via conversations while still adhering to regulatory requirements.

2021 – continued growth trajectory

As we look to 2021 we are committed to our future and existing customers as they transform the new normal to simply normal. New ways of working, new ways of having client conversations and new ways of engaging.

For us, we are planning to continue our trajectory with global expansion and product developments. We are listening, observing and continually developing and maturing our product and will be adding new exciting functionality in 2021. Features designed to move our customers to the next level in conversational solutions. We will also be expanding our corporate footprint, adding new staff and offices around the world. You can expect to hear more from us about exciting new developments across our product and updates as the industry develops.

Our resolutions for 2021?

  • To keep working with our customers to develop our industry.
  • We will continue to support them as they have conversations with their customers over messaging applications.
  • To develop and expand to better support our global customers.
  • To define and develop our product as we lead this new industry.

We wish all of our customers, their clients and our community a Happy New Year and we are thrilled to be on this exciting journey with you all.  

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