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RM compliant communication

The real price of NOT providing a way for RMs to talk with their clients over public messenger platforms


Communication between your RMs and your clients has to be compliant. It isn’t just time that is money. In today’s world, information and data have become extremely valuable commodities as well. Which is why when it comes to your business, you need to protect and control all your company’s data.

As a matter of fact, client communication is the most tricky area to safeguard your data. You need your relationship managers to be able to communicate freely with your company’s clients. However, especially with the ever-changing world, the balance between having a convenient and compliant communication system is not always easy to strike. Clients often want employees to contact them on their WhatsApp or WeChat because it’s their usual way to communicate with their friends, family, business partners etc.

Hence, it’s imperative for RMs to carry out their conversations with clients over those public messenger platforms. And let’s face it, that’s not going to change. But you also need these interactions to occur in a way that is secure, under your control, and most importantly, compliant.

Is it your data? Control it

LeapXpert’s compliant communication platform ensures that all communication history remains in your possession, protected with military-grade encryption. With LeapXpert, the security and confidentiality of your company’s valuable information are always maintained. All the communication data is stored locally and belongs to the company.

In case of an audit or a compliance probe, all the communication history is easily accessible. No the need to obtain this information from a third-party (or worse, from a disgruntled employee).

Without you having control over your communication system and data, there is also the risk of former employees continuing to access or even use your network. They can keep contacting your company’s clients. Recently, a large European bank launched an internal probe to see if confidential client data had been leaked. The bank found that around 50 employees had access to their corporate email accounts several weeks after being dismissed. This could be a major embarrassment for your company if something similar happened. You could also open yourself up to a lawsuit or come under the radar of regulators and law-enforcement agencies.

Compliance is the key

The regulatory environment has been fast-changing in recent years. At the same time, privacy laws have also become a hot topic. And to add to this whole mix, communications channels and technologies are constantly shifting. You have to be on top of all factors to ensure that you remain compliant with the laws, financial and legal regulations.

Dealing with RM compliant communication with clients, proactive approach is essential. If your company comes under the scanner, you can quickly review all the data you have on hand. This way you demonstrate your compliance with norms related to your business. If needed, you will also have the ability to provide records of any communication between your employees and clients, including voice calls and documents. Even if they were on public messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, etc. As previously stated, all  data will be under your full control when you adopt a platform like LeapXpert’s. This could prove to be vital someday if, for whatever reason, your company’s adherence to compliance norms is called into question.

Your RMs’ interactions with clients involve high-value deals? A need for a virtual paper trail showing explicit instructions from a client to execute a transaction cannot be overstated. Want to learn more about compliance risks? Read here.

Is it good to dictate your own terms of communication?

Your clients do not necessarily use the same messaging platforms as you would like them to. While services like WhatsApp and WeChat are popular and useful, not everyone uses the same apps to communicate with each other. To try to force your clients to switch to your messaging platform, or a messaging service of your business app would not be an easy task. Furthermore, it could potentially hurt your business relationships.

With LeapXpert’s platform we enable your employees to send a message directly to your client’s WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE app! Customers surely appreciate the ease of sticking to messaging services that they are using, while you get the data security and communications compliance you need for your company.

RM compliant communication

A solid, compliant communication platform is essential to run any business effectively. Use of WhatsApp, WeChat or other similar platforms easy and convenient for RMs to keep in contact with your clients, these systems become an integral part of the nowadays world.

Allowing RMs to own communications data creates dangers around data leaks and could put you at risk for compliance rules. You could also have uninvited guests snooping around your business dealings discussed on public messaging platforms. And what if the employee involved in those conversations will leave the company (and take your data with him/her)?

LeapXpert communication platform gives you the ability to control, own and encrypt your RMs communications data. The platform ensures that you maintain compliance with the communications regulations. The best part is that you can do all this conveniently and easily using popular messaging systems, causing no hassle to your clients or employees.

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