LeapXpert completes Series A funding round to power global expansion

LeapXpert completes Series A Funding

LeapXpert, a communications and messaging platform provider, today announced that it has successfully closed its Series A funding round. Altogether, the Company has now raised a total US$14.1 million to date. The investment has been led by LingFeng Capital and Summer Capital, together with four other international investors.

The proceeds from the Series A will be used to expand the LeapXpert team, support the Company’s growth, increase product development and accelerate international expansion.

Dima Gutzeit, Founder and CEO of LeapXpert, said, “LeapXpert has changed the way that enterprises communicate.  Our platform allows front-office employees to embrace consumer messaging applications safely, securely and in compliance with all regulatory guidelines. The proceeds from our Series A will allow us to accelerate our growth and maintain our leadership of the conversational solutions industry.”

Avi Pardo, Co-founder and COO of LeapXpert, said, “LeapXpert is growing at a fast pace – we are already serving customers in 45 countries across the globe and have tens of thousands of active users.  Our Series A funding enables us to continue driving the transformation of the industry and expand our award-winning solution reach to customers and partners around the world.  As part of this growth and to better service our global customer base, LeapXpert will be opening offices in the UK, US, Singapore and Japan.”

Rina Charles, Co-founder and Head of Investment of LeapXpert, said, “This investment is a clear signal that our industry is changing the way that enterprises do business and that LeapXpert is leading the charge.”

LeapXpert was founded in 2017 to enable enterprises to embrace consumer messaging applications and integrate them into their business-critical systems and processes. By bringing them together into one centralized platform, enterprises have real-time visibility of conversations over any messaging channel. This means they can proactively control and monitor messages, improve employee productivity and connect vital communications channels with business-critical tools.

Mr Gutzeit continued, “Our platform offers enterprises a seamless, scalable and secure way to communicate with their customers over the channel that they prefer while adhering to their regulatory and governance mandates. Enterprises can no longer ignore the rise of messaging applications as a method of business communication. Instead, they must embrace them.”

To learn more about how LeapXpert is transforming front-office to client communications, please visit www.leap.expert

About LeapXpert 

LeapXpert enables enterprises to embrace messaging applications and integrate them into their business-critical applications. LeapXpert’s Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP™) empowers companies to securely communicate from a central source to a customer on the messaging app of their choice. It resolves the business, compliance and regulatory challenges the rise of messaging applications’ use in business channels has created. We currently have three of the ten top global banks as customers, with tens of thousands of users.

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LeapXpert completes Series A funding round to power global expansion – PR Newswire APAC (prnasia.com)

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