This glossary will help you cut through the complexity to fully understand the instant messaging archiving & compliance industry.

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Featuring Terms

  • Enterprise Archive

    An enterprise archive provides a secure, long-term storage solution for an organization’s electronic information. These invaluable records can include emails, documents, and other digital files. A reliable enterprise archive plays a crucial role in protecting your company’s data from loss or destruction. How Does an Enterprise Archive Work? Understanding how enterprise archives work makes it…

  • SMS Archiving

    SMS archiving is the process of retaining SMS messages for a specific time. Companies often do this to ensure you record all SMS messages sent and received or to comply with legal requirements. When it comes to archiving options, companies can complete this internally or through third-party service providers. Which one should you choose for…

  • Content Usage

    Content usage can mean several different things, depending on the context and the industry. As it relates to technology and instant messaging applications, it covers interactions with content. The people engaging with content could involve workers, consumers, and even business partners. What Is Content? Content refers to anything that can be electronically shared or received…

  • Message Archiving

    As organizations look for new ways to embrace technology and reduce risks, secure message archiving has grown popular. Small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies rely on this storage solution to document communication across various platforms. So, what exactly is message archiving? How does it work, and is it a good fit for your business?…

  • Enterprise Instant Messaging

    Instant messaging has become a communication staple. Individuals use it to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. Is it any wonder that so many consumers also prefer to use instant messaging to communicate with businesses and other organizations? The same is true of employees within these organizations. So, what is an enterprise instant…

  • Client Communication Platform

    As a business owner, you know that good communication plays a crucial role in business success. Most managers understand this but tend to focus exclusively on internal communications and make few arrangements for speaking with clients. A client communication platform can quickly solve this problem. So, what exactly is this type of technology? What are…

  • Enterprise Messaging Software

    Do you need a better way to communicate with your team? Are you looking for messaging software that can meet the needs of your business? If so, you have come to the right place to learn more about the main solution corporations around the world have employed. Here, you will find information on enterprise messaging…