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We elevate consumer messaging to enterprise grade

LeapXpert is a B2C Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP). FMOP concept elevates consumer messaging to a formal business communication channel, similar to calling or emailing.

In other words – we make the invisible visible. LeapXpert addresses a large gap in the way regulated companies communicate with their clients. Company employees can call or send text, voice and file messages to client’s messenger of choice: WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line or others.

Different countries have different regulations for financial institutions. The common theme across all of them is, that all communication between financial institutions and the clients must be monitored and recorded.

Unfortunately, the reality is totally different. Company employees use their personal WeChat and WhatsApp applications to communicate with clients, and it happens in most of the banks and financial institutions. The reason is simple. Clients dictate the tools they want to use, and employees have no choice but comply. As they want the business. There are two fundamental problems with this approach: no compliance control and no data ownership. And when a compliance probe happens, employees are at risk of losing their jobs. This puts banks at considerable risks of fines as well as reputational damage.

Is there a way to bridge this gap, allowing clients to keep using messenger apps they love, whilst enabling companies to remain compliant and control their data?

With LeapXpert we have created a platform that finally allows company employees to communicate with their clients on their own terms. Same time allows the company to own and manage the communication data. Clients can use any messaging platform of their choice, whilst company employees use LeapXpert platform. We connect everyone, ensuring rich, compliant communication, whilst enabling many novel industry use cases.

No more missing data in the case of compliance probe. No more data loss when employees leave the company. All communication channels are recorded. All data remains safe and secure with the company, no matter what.

Business focus

We address the enterprise to client conversation needs of companies. Conversations regulated either by third parties, industry groups or internally. Financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, organizations in healthcare and hospitality industries are among the main customers we focus on.

Functional focus

We focus on the communication between companies and their clients. We enable rich communication, involving multiple channels and multiple media types including text messaging, file and document sharing, calls, voice clips and everything else the messaging platform delivers.

LeapXpert platform enables company employees to communicate with their entire client base, on their terms. We do that over multiple different consumer messaging platforms, such as Wechat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line or others. Communication history is stored, which gives the compliance and risk officers of a company an entire audit trail of all the interactions between the company and the client.

Our Location

LeapXpert is headquartered in Hong Kong with additional office located in Vietnam. We are expanding with new offices in Europe, UK and Singapore in the near future.

Interested? Get in touch: [email protected], +85237696171

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